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Methods of payments:

You can pay for featured ads and banners in two ways
1. via paypal
2. bank transfer
if you have paypal you can pay direct  through the website

  • By Bank Transfer
  • Step 01 - Pay the exact amount in Cash to any branch of the Commercial Bank.

    Name of  A/C Holder :  C. WIJESINGHE
    Account No  : 8121021770
  • Ref No : Clearly write your name and NIC number

Step 02 – forward  your advertisement & Bank Slip to


  • for more information

Tel : 0094- 077 599 7884    9.00 AM  to 5.00 PM

Rules for advertising
If an ad is rejected for  breaking the rules, the advertiser will be given the opportunity to change it. Danweemlanka reserves the right to accepted or not. The rules are constantly updated and may change from time to time.

Duplicates: It is not allowed to place different  ads with the same item, service or job for more than once. Delete the old ad before you place the new one. It is also not allowed to place ads with the same items, services or jobs in different categories or regions.

Marketing: It is only allowed to advertise sales, rentals, jobs and services. To use the ad for pure marketing purposes, that is not offering any specific goods, jobs or services, is not allowed.

Private ad: Private classified ads on Danweemlanka are purely non-commercial individuals who are entitled to engage in a legal contract.


how post your ad:its very simple..  please correctly fill in the empty fields. and enter your contact number typing. (do not copy and paste) if you have your images too heavy exceeds 2200kb you can reduce your photos by clicking this link you can find
this link under where you upload  your photos.

Company ad: Company classified ads on Danweemlanka are for companies. Danweemlanka reserves the right to decide whether an ad resembles a company ad.

Services: Services offered or wanted must follow applicable law and regulations of Sri Lanka for each given profession.

Ad text: The ad heading should describe the item or the service advertised, no company names or URL (web address) are allowed. No unnecessary characters are allowed in the heading. Danweemlanka  reserves the right to adjust the ad heading to fit these rules. The item or service has to be described in the ad text. It is not allowed to merely link to another page. Ad texts may not be copied from other ads, these are protected under copyright laws.

Language: Only ads in English are allowed.

Categories: The ad should be placed in the category that describes the item or service the best. may move it to the right category if necessary. Goods and services that do not fit in the same category must be placed in separate ads. For sale-ads should be placed under "For sale" and wanted-ads under "Wanted". "To let" and "Wanted to rent" are available under certain categories. In other categories, to let-ads should be placed under "For Sale" and wanted to rent-ads under "Wanted".

Only one vehicle or property per ad: It is not allowed to place more than one vehicle or property in a single ad, except if they are to be exchanged (e.g. 2 for 1).

Links: Links in the ad have to be relevant to the item or service advertised. The general rules for the ad also apply for the link. It is not allowed to link to another classified or auction site.

Images: Images in the ad should be relevant to the item or service advertised. Company logotypes are not allowed as images except for in the BUSINESS categories. It is not allowed to use images from other advertisers without consent. These are protected under copyright laws. Images showing models displaying underwear or swimming wear are not allowed.

Pirated goods and forgeries: It is not allowed to advertise pirated goods and forgeries of e.g. branded products, CD/VCR/DVD, computer/game-console software. All applicable products must be certified as original by the advertiser if the ad is to be accepted.

Rules for pets and animals: Animals traded on Danweemlanka must comply with Sri Lankan law & regulation.
Illegal items: Ads featuring goods that are prohibited from sale according to Sri Lankan law are not allowed. For a list with examples of illegal products

Offensive content: Ads or images that can be perceived as offensive to individuals, ethnic groups or public figures are not allowed.

Prohibited goods and services:   has restrictions against certain goods and services to be advertised. For a list of examples

Unrealistic offers: Unrealistic offers are not allowed. Danweemlanka   reserves the right to deem what is unrealistic.

"Ad posting" jobs: "Ad Posting" jobs where private persons are paid for posting extreme amounts of advertisements on web sites are not allowed on Danweemlanka They spam the site and makes it hard for users to find other content.


  • You can create only one ad per item
  • You cannot insert the same ad in different regions
  • Ads must advertise products, services goods. No purely marketing ads
  • If you want to modify your ad, delete it and insert a new one
  • Ads which do not follow the rules will not be accepted
  • If you are not sure that your ad is in accordance with the terms of publication, please contact customer service
The team here at, Danweemlanka strives to keep our marketplace a safe and convenient trading place to buy and sell online.
While most people enjoy a hassle free trading experience, there are occasions when users have reported suspect encounters Danweemlanka do not offer buyer protection, so as an online trader it is important that you stay aware and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from online scammers.

Top tips for trading safely online:
When you buy
It is important that you NEVER pay in advance to the seller that you do not know.

Do not pay via Money Union Western Transfer or any other wire transfer method, there is no protection on the money you transfer and as it is most likely a scam.
Be aware that if a seller discloses their personal information or bank account number to you, this does not protect you from being cheated.

Where possible, request original receipt and a written receipt for the purchase.

Never provide a seller with your personal details unless you have agreed to sell and have met them to conduct the transaction.

When you sell
Never send your goods before payment arrangements have been finalized.

If sending goods to a buyer use registered post or COD.

Never pay 'buyer agent' delivery fees, or any other requested delivery fees, in advance of a buyer paying for the goods or service.

Do not respond to individuals using texts or emails that claim to be unable to contact you via phone.

Take extra caution when...
The offer sounds 'too good to be true', it usually is.

The other party is pushing you to complete a 'quick sale'.

Someone asks for your bank account or credit card number.

Someone asks for your PayPal details, and sends you a link requesting you to enter your details. Tip: Only login to payment services directly, never enter via a link provided by a buyer or seller.

Paying large amounts to people you don't know. Try to meet at a shop or at a public place, if possible bring a friend.

Buying branded items or jewelry. It is always advisable to meet up with the buyer at a shop or jeweler to check the authenticity of the item.

Scam watch
Danweemlanka have a team dedicated to preventing scammers from advertising online. However they will continue to try new and improved methods, it is important that you remain aware and protect yourself by staying informed on current scams. For regular updates and tips on how to stay safe when trading online, please revisit this page and protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.